Is your SEO Offering More Value than what it Costs?

As a marketer in charge of your tech (Semiconductor, EDA, IP and Software) company's digital marketing initiative, you are often wondering if your investments into the SEO program are really worthwhile. You think that there's no way to know till you start seeing the results on a consistent basis after about 6 months plus of effort - till then, you must continue on blind faith for that period. There's a better way to short circuit this process and gain confidence in a shorter period. You can do this by looking at what your SEO agency is offering to do for you. No, I am not going to ask you to go through abundantly available "Questions to ask your SEO agency" or "Checklists for selecting a SEO agency" posts on the internet, nor am I going to ask you to meticulously compare the services of one agency against the other bullet by bullet, because you will find that even under close microscopic examinations, the differences are very minor.  Instead, you should

How Much Money Should High-Tech Companies Budget for Their SEO Program?

How much should a technology company pay for SEO? In other words, what should be my SEO budget as a technology company? This perhaps is the wrong question to ask because it really depends. If you Google this and peruse through the top links, you are going to get various articles that reach the conclusions I have outlined below: $1000 per month offers are generally not a good idea. These agencies do all sorts of tactics to raise your rankings, but there is a good chance that your domain may land in trouble with Google. Most reputable agencies with above board SEO practices will charge you between $3K to $5K per month. And this seems to be a price point that most online articles are converging on. I also agree that this is pretty much the sweet spot. Obviously, this figure is going to change if you are a colossal business with a zillion products and web properties. You may also see something called thought leadership SEO that runs upwards of $7K per month. Frankly, this offer makes no se

Justifying SEO to Your Management - By the Numbers

  Following up on this post from last week where I talked about how to high tech marketers can  justify investments in SEO  to their management,  here's some more macro data that you can use. Embedded links point to source. SEO services market is expected to grow to  $103Bn by 2025 . Quality SEO can reduce the  cost of customer acquisition by 87% . Organic search accounts for 53% of the traffic  brands receive on average. SEO leads  have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have a 1.7% close rate. The measured  click-through-rate  is for a business with the #1 organic position on Google is a whopping 31.7%. The average click-through-rate for a regular search ad is only  1.91% . The average click-through rate for an SMS text is around  19.3% . The average click-through rate for an email is  4.2%  per mailchimp. Do let me know if you are looking for some other data and I will try to find it for you.

Your Customers are Using Google to Search for your High-Tech Products. No Really, it is True!!

I get this question quite a lot from the high tech marketing professionals that I interact with. "Our management does not believe that our customers are using Google to search for our products and services. They think it only works if you are selling toothpaste and the like. It's an uphill battle for us to convince them to start investing in SEO." Well first off, SEO is free and you pay nothing to Google to get more traffic and leads - estimated CTR for a keyword ranked #1 on Google is 34.2%. Secondly, if you have the skills, you can do it yourselves. Even if you hire a highly qualified SEO, you are still getting a fantastic deal - the revenue you will generate over the long term will be orders of magnitude larger than your SEO's fees. Getting back, you have to tell your management that it's just plain wrong. There's an easy way to show them what they are missing: 1. Go to Google and type in the name of your product or service and see who's ranking. Are yo

3D Billboards - Super Cool Martech

  Something really cool in my LinkedIn feed today - Nike Japan's Air Max Day naked-eye  3D digital billboard . This is not your grandma's 3D animation, but something that blurs the lines between reality and advertising by using technology. Mind officially blown. Super engaging and just incredible; a fabulous visual experience that is difficult to forget - it grabs your attention and tells a better story. Known as DOOH or Digital Out of Home, this technology certainly is the  future of marketing .   Nike Japan team understood from the get go that the  impact  of this 3D billboard is not just physically in Tokyo, but digitally all over the world. It's no wonder why Facebook $FB is investing billions in the Metaverse. Judging from the reaction, the impact on humans watching physically seems to be just of plain awe. Even watching it on YouTube makes you want to grab that shoe. Imagine what the impact would be if you were immersed in the scene using some sort an AR or VR device.